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Really, world?

One. It’s not a diet like you tagged it to be.
Two. If you don’t like it, then you don’t like it. No need to bump people who do. It’s not my fault your spending money for food that you could get for free. It’s not my fault that you don’t want to help out the world you’re living in by taking food so it doesn’t go into the landfills. It’s not my fault you don’t have an adventurous life. And it’s definitely not my fault you’re a closed minded person.

Greengrassz: “so MTV contacted me to be a part of their TrueLife show about people...










“so MTV contacted me to be a part of their TrueLife show about people with strange habits. Apparently dumpster diving is a habit ? LOL”

We should all send them letters to not showcase dumpster divers on the show. Showing it on MTV would create a BOOM in dumpster diving that would leave all the…

I actually don’t agree with this. I was talking to my fiance tonight about how we SHOULD contact them about Dumpster Diving. I don’t think it will become “trendy” at all. I think some people will try it and not like it at all and that it would open up a world to people who really need it. There a a million places to DD, and I highly doubt that most places will become overrun with people looking to be “trendy” DD’ers.


Well, it’s already trendy where I live and with the amount of people who watch MTV there would be no more dumpster diving  here if they did an episode on it because everything would be taken, it’s already getting close to that point right now.  It’s completely inconsiderate and immoral to take away the food source of many people who have to rely on it to survive. Just because it might not affect people in your city it doesn’t mean it couldn’t negatively affect millions of lives elsewhere. Do you really want to be responsible for taking away needy people’s food sources? And if you have a tv or computer and the time to be watching MTV you should be able to afford food or you’re priorities are terrible. Do what you want but that show could result in millions of people going hungry because you don’t know the consequences of your decisions and the affects it could negatively have on other’s lives.

Don’t take from the poor and give it to the rich.

I have a tv because I’ve had it for 16 years. I have a computer because I’ve had it for 5 years. I have cable and the internet because I have 3 roommates that cant be without. I DD because I can’t afford food and its “immoral” to let that perfectly good food end up at the landfills. If you really think one tv show is going to make “millions” of people DD you are highly delusional. Has TL made “millions” of people become porn stars? Drug addicts? Runaway? Become a wrestler? Get plastic surgery? NO. So I HIGHLY doubt that these millions of people you’re talking about will go hey! I think I’d like to DD for the rest of my life and take away from people who need it because I’m a rich motherfucker. People will try it and not like it. People will think we’re disgusting and nothing more. Some people, it will open up their mind to a real tragedy of the American life. And some will save money and eat. And how am I, this “one person”, going to take food from these “millions” of people? Please, do tell. Oh, and NEWSFLASH! MILLIONS OF PEOPLE ARE ALREADY GOING HUNGRY! I tell my friends about what I do and only one, ONE, has agreed with me and wanted to go DD. So I hope they talk to me, which I have sent them an email, and I hope YOU see me on TL, telling people how I personally survive.
Thank you.

There’s really no reason to be a bitch about it. I don’t see why you can’t just have a civilized discussion. You’re basically saying “screw you! I will go on t.v. and in the process take away the one food source of a TON of needy people at least in one city”. I’ve been for a long time and I have seen it all. There are many greedy people and sociopaths. Housewives in B.M.W.s drive up and take the entire one bag reserved for food home five minutes before a cohort of homeless people arrive needing dinner. So many people DON’T CARE if they are hurting anyone else. There are millions of sociopaths and people who would jump at the chance to get anything for free. Pornstars, drug addicts all those things you mentioned have serious consequences and not the same rewards as Ofcourse people don’t become a drug addict after watching the show! But everyone I’ve talked to says they want to have sex, do drugs and party after watching Skins. And isn’t nearly as potentially harmful as some of those things could be. You would be taking food from millions because people emulate, it’s just what they do. In you’re first dumpster diving post you couldn’t even find food! Now say 5/10 people watch the show and 2/10 of those people try dumpster diving and only one of those people continue to do it. If you live in a city with a population of 600,000 that’s 60,000 people dumpster diving out of say 7 dumpsters for food. 60,000 people won’t get by on 7 dumpsters. ALL the people who previously relied on those dumpsters who most likely NEED it to survive won’t have that food source because people who were already doing okay (they lived up to that point w/o dumpster diving) decided to come on the scene. Dumpster diving relies on the fact that there is waste, it doesn’t work if everyone does it. I already said go ahead and go on the show if you want to but you will be upsetting many dumpster divers and homeless people by taking away the source of food they need to survive. If you want to be hated by a large portion of the community fine. I’ve already talked to a lot of them about it and they agree. I mean, how long have you been doing it for, a few months? Have you been to every city and saw the circumstances? No, you don’t know how many lives you could hurt. But go ahead! Take food from the poor! I’m not stopping you.

Maybe you’re the sociopath. You’re completely wrong on the matter and this is done. It’s not all about free food. It’s about saving it from the landfills too! And I am saying screw you, I will go on tv and EDUCATE people. I’m the poor, so am I taking food away from myself, more than likely not. YOU called it a “scene” and it’s not. And if I’m DD how the hell am I suppose to DD anywhere else since I’m not rich? Now that really didn’t make any sense. You’re arguing on ONE side of the point to DD. Not the whole picture. SAVE THE LANDFILLS and educate the uninformed!

Again you are being extremely rude for no reason. I never attacked you and you are attacking me when I’m trying to have a civilized discussion. That definitely makes you look like the sociopath and it doesn’t do anything for your argument, it’s just immature. How am I completely wrong on the matter when I’ve been dumpster diving MUCH longer than you. I’m talking about free food because that’s all a lot of people will see it as even if you try to educate them. So you are agreeing that you are taking away from the poor and you don’t care if it takes away from the rest of the poor not including yourself. That’s extremely selfish. “on the scene” -what are you even talking about? It’s a word to describe people starting to dumpster dive. “And if I’m DD how the hell am I suppose to DD anywhere else since I’m not rich?” -What are you even trying to say?

I’m not saying to not educate others. I think it’s fine if you want to write articles or tell your friends etc. But the with the size of the audience that watches MTV there will no longer be any more dumpster diving in a lot of cities because there will be no food left and that will leave a lot of people who REALLY need it to survive hungry. This is a warning because I’ve seen it in my own city, people doing it just to be cool leaving the homeless hungry with nothing.

You could negatively affect a lot of people’s lives. If you want to make a difference I’d suggest educating the people in your own area, or on a smaller medium such as the internet. If you only educate people in your own city for example you can assess whether the homeless people would be negatively affected and if there were to be an increase in divers if there would be food left for them or not. 

You can fuck your warning. Like I said, I’m done. You’re clearly on a one track system.

Cool, be completely selfish and take food from the poor and give it to the rich pissing off freegans and homeless people nationwide just so you can be on t.v. There are better options if you want to educate people. You don’t care about poor people, you will actually be screwing them over and leaving them hungry. And you’ve only been dumpster diving for less than a month, lol, you obviously aren’t the most educated on it.

oh dear Buddha, here we go again. Yes, I’ve only been doing it for a month, I didn’t say I was the fucking know all of DD. So let me get this straight, it’s perfectly ok to make a movie about it, but NOT go on tv about it. Please go get bent.

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