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Pt. 2, Left side, so there’s a standard french braid, rose on right side, and sectioned braids, which are braided and bottom of those formed into another rose! ! Again, so beyond proud of myself. I know my grams is so happy and proud of me. I wish she could see this. Ugh…ok sappy done…but seriously I can’t wait to show my class and my teacher tmrw!!!! #hanginwithdeb #cosmoschool #cosmetologystudent #cosmetologyschool #Aveda #avedatampabay #AITB #futurehairdresser #updo #updos

Its been officially 4 years to the day that I stopped cutting. Each year is always different with struggles. And each year that goes by, I couldn’t be more prouder for myself. Each year that goes by is a huge achievement for myself. I got my ribbon tattoo last near and I’m still in love with it. And each year, the week of my anniversary I wear an orange ribbon every day, to say hey, I’m still here and to support those who still struggle. So if you see me around feel free to ask me anything to inform yourself or even advice for someone you may know who self harms. Don’t be shy or afraid. Stand up for those who can’t stand up themselves. Its a daily battle for a lot of people. I’m just happy I no longer hurt myself. I now deal with things differentl. Its not always easy and its not always happy, but its always worth it to know that I’m stronger than that blade in my hand. #selfharm #selfharmawareness #suicide #cutter #cutting #excutter #orangeribbon #sh #si

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